Reach Max Level

There are two meters that you can level up in Destiny 2: your Power level and your Character level.

  • Character Level is the measure of your current experience tally, and is currently set at level 20. As you increase your Character Level, you’ll unlock new abilities for your Subclass and access to new weapons, armor and gear.
  • Power Level is the measure of the quality and capability of your gear. Similar to a Guardian’s Light level from the original Destiny, this is what determines how combat-ready you are, and what types of enemies you’ll be able to defeat in battle. Increase it by acquire gear with a higher power rating.

Reaching Level 20

The progression to Level 20 will come from experience points. You can gain experience points by completing campaign missions, adventures, public events, quests, and even just defeating enemies.


Campaign missions will provide the most experience points out of all the activities and will unlock more adventures and quests upon completion. Campaign missions do have level requirements, though, so you might need to partake in a couple of activities to meet the level requirement.


Next to Campaign missions, the best way to earn